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“So You Want to be a PEELER, Eh Boy?”


The book is a unique memoir based on the diaries and journals of Police Sergeant William Foyle and his eldest daughter Ellen. In 1887, 19 year old William Foyle crossed the threshold of Winchester Police Station in Hampshire and began a new and extraordinary life.



Richard Ramsay’s account of his policing career in Hamsphire Constabulary and the Metropolitan Police

Policing Petersfield in Victorian Times


This book tells the story of the establishment of a paid police force focusing on the Petersfield Division within the Hampshire Constabulary. It tells the story of local opposition to creating a police force and the struggle to mould a body of men of variable suitability into an efficient police force.

Remembering the Fallen: Volume 1 – Hampshire Constabulary 1914-1919


Foreword by Olivia Pinkney QPM, Chief Constable of Hampshire Constabulary. At least 42 men from the Hampshire Constabulary and its constituent forces failed to return from the First World War. This book aims to explain how and why they died, to record where they are buried or remembered, and to to ensure that the policemen of the Hampshire Constabulary who did not return from war are no longer just names on our memorials, but remembered as they deserve to be. They are part of our Police family and should never be forgotten. We Will Remember Them.

Remembering the Fallen: Volume II – Hampshire Constabulary 1939-1945


The book reminds us of the sacrifices made by police officers of the Hampshire Constabulary and its constituent forces who lost their lives during WWII as a result of war, either as a direct result of war operations overseas or on the home front. It includes a biography of each officer and includes many original photographs.

This book aims to ensure that the men of this force who did not return from war are not just names carved on our memorials.