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Talks about the history of Hampshire Constabulary

Hampshire Constabulary History Society offers talks on its history

Your Society Needs You!

Volunteers needed at our Museum in Southampton. We’re looking for retired officers/staff, or people with a real interest in Police History.

The Hampshire Constabulary History Society was formed in 1986.

Its aim is to foster interest in the history of the force and the old City and Borough Police Forces that once existed in the two counties.

The aims and objectives of this society are:

To develop interest in items of equipment, records and photographs, including uniform and accoutrements.

The items on view are only a small part of a much larger reserve collection of memorabilia and artefacts.

This month in history

01-10-18931893 - Chief Constable Captain Peregrine Henry Thomas Fellowes died from his injuries having been crushed by a runaway horse outside police headquarters in Winchester.
01-10-19061906 - Serious outbreak of violence at Weyhill, Andover resulting in police officers being injured and knocked unconscious. A number of people are sentenced to periods of imprisonment
06-10-19581958 - The Standing Joint Committee approves the purchase of two puppies, which were bought from the Chief Constable of Surrey, and the following year saw the official start of the Hampshire Constabulary dog section.

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