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Logo: Hampshire Constabulary

New Historic Document Added

The scrapbook of Inspector William Charles Moore

Interesting new publication for sale

An account of the murder of Fanny Adams in 1867 by local author, David Green

The Hampshire Constabulary History Society was formed in 1986.

Its aim is to foster interest in the history of the force and the old City and Borough Police Forces that once existed in the two counties.

The aims and objectives of this society are:

To develop interest in items of equipment, records and photographs, including uniform and accoutrements.

The items on view are only a small part of a much larger reserve collection of memorabilia and artefacts.

This month in history

01-06-19141914 - Rioting breaks out in Andover over the sentencing of a young woman. The under-resourced local police needed to be supported by officers from Winchester and the local fire brigade who were prepared to use water hoses on the crowd. After several days, the disturbances, which left a scene of carnage throughout the town, was finally quashed by the arrival of the mounted branch.

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