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  1. Image 216 / Hampshire Constabulary Special Constables at Bournemouth with Superintendent Albert Henry Wright and Assistant Chief Constable Frank Osman.d
    I lived in the house at the back of the photo, which faced out into Madeira Road, when my Father George (Jock) Albert Corney was stationed there during the late 1950’s. He left the Force around 1962 I believe, reaching the rank of Inspector. He’d been in the Scots Guards during the War, in the SIB, where he gained an MBE for various services from, arresting The Little Gang, pressing over 26 charges against them, finding the murderer of a distinguished ‘un-named’ officer, single handily breaking up a bar fight during which he was shot in the arm, and finding a German fuel dump out in the Desert.
    His exploits are mentioned in a book Guns, Drugs and Deserters. The Special Investigation Branch in the Middle East by Norman Philips in 1954, whom I believe was with Dad during the War at some stage. Because my Father tanned so darkly, he often dressed in Arab clothing, to carry out undercover work.
    He did tell me that with rooky police officers on their 1st night duties, they would send them to check on the shops in the Arcade just down from the station. Already though other officers would be up in the roof area, and would make ghostly noises, or drop the metal dustbin lids down, to scare them.

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